The Farm

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to open Newell Green Farm, and I am full of admiration for everything that you are doing, and it was so good to meet your colleagues and some of your prospective residents and their families.

The work you do changes people’s, lives and gives those, who have often been judged negatively by society, the opportunity to thrive, find meaning and purpose and to develop their skills and talents to the full.

Professor Martin Green OBE
Chief Executive: Care England
DH: Independent Sector Dementia Champion”

For a number of years we have been developing environments to promote and support independence, choice and social inclusion for people with a Learning Disability, ABI, Mental health disorders, within a Supportive, Safe, Social and Stimulating Network. Over recent years we have developed a strategy in partnership with Manchester city councils executive members, to create an idealised environment for adults individuals with a Learning Disability, and/or Autism, who also exhibit challenging behaviours.


Newall Green Farm, represents the conclusion of ten years of learning and partnership with the Manchester City Council. Not only does the environment deliver the UK’s first Rapid Review intensive intervention service, but it’s also the only inner city Farm space designed specifically for Adults with Autism, and/ or a Learning disability and associated challenging behaviours.


The project restores what is one of the North Wests oldest brick farm houses, dating back to 1697, when it existed as a wooden Yeoman’s farm house, set in 4 acres of farm land, nestled between, Hale and Wythenshawe . The space is transformed providing seven Rapid Review beds within the farm house, operating independently, but within the overall farm model. Two high care supported living environments, for individuals who exhibit complex intractable behaviours, operating within the PBS framework, to develop the strategies and reset boundaries to enhance their level of independence and in a way which is appropriate to their needs. Four shared houses, will also be delivered for individuals who require significant support but who also benefit from a shared supported living approach. Finally Five semi-independent apartments, offer a clear path towards independence for those who have sufficient capacity and have developed their life skills to the point where they can live virtually independently, with just a caring eye from our wider care support.