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  • ASDAN College Programme

    Zeno is an accredited education provider under the ASDAN charitable scheme.  We are a college for Education under our scheme registration.

    ASDAN (the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a British Education and Award organisation.  ASDAN reaches individual both in mainstream education and additionally to people who are unable to access mainstream education. It provides a flexible way of learning which is developed around the individual’s needs.

    Under this scheme individuals will be able to gain new qualifications, but most importantly it provides a framework to develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life.

    The ASDAN college is available to everyone at Zeno, of any age and ability.  We encourage each person to enrol at the College, under our “Life Skills Challenge Programme”.

    The Life Skills Challenge programme has over 600 different challenges, meaning that it provides a personalised curriculum for people of all ages and interests with SEND.  To highlight just a couple of areas from the 600 topics, it includes:  communication, home management, personal care, and  accessing the community safely.  A full list can be accessed at https://www.asdan.org.uk/courses

    A statement of achievement is awarded after each completed challenge, to ensure what can often be viewed as small, but in many cases significant steps are rewarded, and celebrated. When each Life Skill Challenge is achieved a Certificate is awarded.

    We have seen individuals grow and develop in confidence in all areas of their life since attending the College, enabling people to develop skills, shape their lives and develop a sense of achievement.

    At the college people are also encouraged to develop their creative side, this can be seen by exploring and encouraging Visual arts and crafts, music, horticulture, caring for animals.  The college holds group activities, bringing together people from the various houses working on individual projects together.  Some examples of these include producing art work, celebrating some key religious events such as Easter and Eid, whilst developing culturally appropriate foods as part of the celebration.  The college also supports people with their numeracy, English, reading and writing skills.

    Depending on a person’s needs, 1 to 1 support is offered where a person can learn in a quiet and safe environment.  Having a college for education and learning, enables individuals to keep continuity of education throughout their lives, minimising the changes in routine as an individual transitions from children to adult services.