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  • Residential Care

    We provide residential care for individuals with Learning Disabilities including autism and associated conditions such as Asperger’s Syndrome.
    Our residential care placements are based at Newall Green Farm, in South Manchester. They are small units within the community that are surrounded by nature.

    Typically, these units provide a robust model for those requiring a living environment with strong boundaries. They are limited to a maximum of four people, to reduce the potential of compatibility conflicts that can occur within this more complex group of individuals.

    We always consider the care pathway and the ability to offer the least restrictive environment for the people we support. Individuals in registered care have significantly more independence than they would have in the hospital or in other institutional environments.

    The living environment is a key factor in the management of behaviours: the ability to implement a full range of community-based activities— as outlined in our Therapeutic Activities section— combined with a Positive Behaviour Support approach, creates an environment where individuals are safe and feel more comfortable with the world around them thanks to positive stimulation.

    With supported living placements also available at Newall Green Farm, our supported people have the option of transitioning to a less restrictive service over time. This step down on the care pathway means individuals can gain their own tenancy and secure a home for life.