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  • Sharon

    Sharon presents as a happy, contented, friendly, co-operative, sociable, helpful and able woman. She displays intelligence in certain areas of her daily life skills, has a good sense of self-awareness and has developed positive relationships with those around her.

    Sharon’s current day service is centred on maximising the choice and skills she has developed over the last few years, alongside the development of individual daily life skills and activities, which we feel stimulate Sharon. Sharon needs time and space in a safe home environment combined with a robust and structured daily schedule. The schedule is a mixture of community and home based activities.

    Please have a look at her weekly schedule…


    On Monday I usually go for a walk in the park in the Morning with my care team. On a nice day we take a picnic and stay out for lunch. I can find the park tiring, but if I still feel fresh after the park I like to go shopping, especially for antiques. For lazy days there are some games which have been designed for me which I love. After dinner in the evening, I find listening to music relaxing. I also enjoy interacting with my carers in the Audio Lounge and watching TV in the front lounge.


    On Tuesday we try to go somewhere new each week. Sometimes we travel to a new area to see what we can find. I like to shop, so exploring is fun. In the summer we often go to the seaside. This Tuesday we went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and had ice cream on the beach!


    On Wednesday we have started horse riding. We have two beautiful horses and I am learning to look after them and to ride them. It’s winter so we are using the indoor arena to ride the horses. In the summer we will be ready to take them out on the fields!