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  • Personal Independence Payments

    Personal Independence Payments (PIP) has now replaced Disability Living Allowance for claimants of working age in the UK. PIP is made up of two components:

    • Daily living component – for help taking part in everyday life; and
    • A mobility component – for help with getting around

    You can be paid either the daily living component or the mobility component on its own, or both components at the same time. Points are awarded for each relevant descriptor for PIP. The overall points score will determine which rate of daily living and/or mobility you are awarded.

    The current PIP benefit rates per week for 2019/2020 are:

    Daily living component:

    • Enhanced rate – £87.65
    • Standard rate – £58.70

    Mobility component:

    • Enhanced rate – £61.20
    • Standard rate – £23.20

    You can start a claim by ringing 0800 917 2222. You will need personal details such as your National insurance number, bank details, GP details, and whether you have mental health or behavioural conditions, a learning disability or memory problems.  Further information can be found at www.gov.uk/pip.

    Once the initial telephone call is completed, a paper application form will be sent to you to complete. The form will ask you questions about your difficulties with daily living. The questions include help you need with your personal care, whether you need help to plan your day, or require help with things such as budgeting and communication.


    The enhanced rate of mobility may entitle you to apply for a Motability vehicle. Motability is an independent charity set up to help people with disabilities to access a vehicle to help them get around. PIP enhanced rate mobility component is a qualifying benefit for Motability.

    Adapted vehicles are available at an extra cost. We can advise you if Motability adaptation grants are available to cover extra adaptation costs. In many cases a grant application will be successful following the right advice from one of our experts.

    State Benefits

    We have in-house welfare benefit experts who can help you navigate the complex welfare benefits system. We have years of experience dealing with the Department for Work & Pensions up to and including appeals to benefit tribunals. Recent welfare reform of the benefits system has left many benefit claimants confused as to their entitlements. We can help you through the process to ensure all relevant benefits are in payment.


    Zeno uses Professional Appointees Ltd as a trusted partner to act as appointee for many of our service users. Many families do not want the responsibility of handling their loves one’s finances, which for many families is difficult and stressful. In such circumstances Professional Appointees can act as appointee for your loved ones. Their experts will ensure all benefits and premiums are maximised, care funding is in place, and deal with all paperwork and forms as and when required.

    For further details please visit www.professionalappointees.co.uk or call 0161 706 0654 for an informal chat.