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  • Therapeutic Activites

    Zeno has a bespoke weekly programme using a holistic philosophy for all supported people.

    A typical weekly programme would always include two walks in the wider community in places such as Delamere Forest & The Peak District to name two of our favourites! Usually the walks are dependent on the fitness of the individual, the walks are group based with three different groups out at any one time. This is very much looking at the social aspect of the day with the groups walking together and taking regular rest breaks. Included in the weekly programme is a swimming activity, this has a joint purpose, the sensory aspect of the moving water and the physical exercise.

    We currently use three small pools including Vesta Car Hydrotherapy Centre. They have developed hydro pools for supported people with a Learning Disability and or Autism. They have created an environment that can be set up for an individuals specific needs with fully controllable lighting and water movement with bubble jets and jet streams.

    We also work closely with Jump Space and have three scheduled sessions a week exclusively for Zeno supported people.

    We look for all of the supported people to be as independent as possible during a session with specific opportunity and learning plans looking at choice and access to all of the equipment.

    During a group session all of the supported people will have their own support staff with them at all times. This means that they have access the variety of equipment on offer.

    Zeno supported people are accessing the community 6 out of 7 days a week. An average Saturday trip out will be with their own house mates to the Beach or National Trust Park with a picnic.

    On setting up any new activity for a supported person, we will look at their needs and the goals that individual wants to achieve. In addition to looking at the holistic needs of that individual too.

    Many of the supported people attend a riding lesson, this can vary from a riding the horse, moving with the horses, grooming, learning to control the horse and finally sometimes entering dressage competitions.

    During the summer months, we run relaxing boat day trip for the supported people. This is a very therapeutic session given the calm and relaxed environment with scenic views.

    Theraputic Activity Providers

    Jump space:

    Chorley equestrian centre:

    Bollington mariner:

    Vesta care hydro therapy:

    Wheels for all:

    Ivy bank swimming centre: