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  • Rapid Review and Resettlement

    Rapid Review is a new concept we are launching to the care environment. We have a “Rapid Review Service” which is located on Newall Green Farm. We see this service as a step change in how the NHS and Social services deal with people with a learning disability in crisis.

    Typically today the options are limited, leading to a section under the Mental Health Act (MHA) being sought and the individual being placed on a hospital ward or an Acute psychiatric ward or similar. This is wholly inappropriate for most situations and the service received inside is not a service which meets the need of an Adult with a learning disability or with Autism. It should be an option of last resort.

    Our Rapid Review transition environments, are designed to enable a short term placement, where the home environment or existing support environment is on the brink of collapse. The service introduces Positive behavioural support, and associated Psychology strategies, all without the requirement for a Section under the MHA, so eliminating the risk of “institutionalisation” under a hospital regime. It is designed to bring the individuals behaviours back to baseline, within a short time period (12 weeks).

    Within the care pathway, during this period we will be working with Families and social services to determine the “right” next service from the first day. This enables the supported person to spend the shortest period of time in this intensive setting, and move on to a supported living setting or back to the family home.