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  • Rapid Review and Resettlement

    Typically today, the options for responding to crises are limited: many individuals are sectioned under the Mental Health Act (MHA) and are placed on a hospital ward, an acute psychiatric ward, or at other similar services. This is wholly inappropriate for most situations and the service received does not meet the needs of adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. Institutionalisation should be a last resort.

    Our Rapid Review and Resettlement Service™ environments are designed for short term placements, for supported people whose home environment or placement is on the brink of collapse. The service introduces Positive Behavioural Support, and associated psychology strategies, all without the requirement for a section under the MHA, eliminating the risk of “institutionalisation” under a hospital regime. It is designed to bring the individuals behaviours back to baseline, within a twelve-week period.

    During this period, within the care pathway, we work with families and social services to determine the “right” next service from the first day. This means the supported person can move on from this intensive setting and into a supported living setting or back to their family home, as quickly as possible.

    “I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to open Newell Green Farm. I am full of admiration for everything that you are doing, and it was good to meet your colleagues and some of your prospective residents and their families. The work you do change people’s lives and gives those, who have often been judged negatively by society, the opportunity to thrive, find meaning and purpose, and to develop their skills and talents to the full.”

    Professor Martin Green OBE
    Chief Executive: Care England