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  • Supported Living

    Our supported living services deliver care for individuals within their own homes. For those with more challenging and complex learning disabilities, we work with the families, registered social landlords, private landlords, IMCAs and Local Authorities to deliver a supported living environment, specifically tailored for the individuals. The benefit is real security of tenure in their own home in the community they live in.

    We have been delivering supported living for this complex group for over ten years. This implementation of the Mental Capacity Act, and the Winterbourne Report, has finally driven the wider adoption of this delivery model.

    Supported living is the ideal environment for developing a positive risk-based behavioural support approach. Unlike the previous industry model, which favoured the use of institutional care, supported living considers and combines psychology, psychiatry, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy, to create an ideal environment for supported people. In this environment supported people are better able to choose what they want to do with their lives, and to do it in a way focusing on participation, presence, and inclusion.

    Having intimately sized houses means, after a thorough assessment process, we can arrange for compatible supported people to live together. We have 15 houses spread across the south of Manchester.