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  • Whistleblowing

    Whistleblowing is the act of reporting concerns about malpractice, wrongdoing, fraud or risk that affects others. It could be something which has a negative effect on service users, the public, other staff, or the organisation. Within Zeno, these issues have the potential to undermine confidence in these vital services and threaten service user and/or staff safety. Anyone can raise a whistleblowing concern.

    When someone “blows the whistle” they are raising a concern about danger or illegality that affects others (e.g. service users, members of the public, or their employer). The person blowing the whistle is usually not directly, personally affected by the danger or illegality. Consequently, the whistle-blower rarely has a personal interest in the outcome of any investigation: they are simply trying to alert others. Personal grievances (e.g. bullying, harassment, discrimination) are not covered by Whistleblowing unless your particular case is in the public interest. These would generally be covered by Zeno’s internal grievance or complaints procedure.

    If you wish to discuss your concerns with a member of staff please call on 0161 706 0360 and ask to speak to the Registered Manager/Director, Pete Cammack, or our other Director, Andrew Milne. You can also email contact@zenoltd.co.uk.

    If you do not feel it is appropriate tonform a member of our staff team, please contact the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at 03000 616161 or through their website: www.cqc.org.uk.

    A copy of Zeno’s Whistleblowing Procedure is available below for your information.

    Whistleblowing and Report of Bad Practice Policy

    We would like to thank you for raising your concerns and giving us the opportunity to investigate and act upon these.