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  • Why Choose Us?

    About Us
    Zeno Limited is a specialist independent provider of innovative and dynamic services for adults with a learning disability and associated developmental impairments in the South Manchester area. We take a complete life approach, from supporting young people in their family home through to supporting adults of all ages within the community. We support people across the whole spectrum of developmental impairments, including the autistic spectrum and associated mental health impairments.


    Why Choose Us?

    1. The work is varied and enjoyable: a typical week includes pub lunches, walking around National Parks, cycling, and trips to the beach.

    2. We pay our employees well. Our support workers earn between £19,000 and £26,000. The hourly wage is boosted by sleep allowances.

    3. Full time workers have guaranteed hours provided on a rota issued several weeks in advance.

    4. We provide extensive training and there’s room for career progression.

    5. On shift, you’ll be provided with work vehicles and meals, at our expense.

    Our Values

    Our organisation aims to provide safe and stimulating environments for adults with learning disabilities and associated intellectual impairments.

    Through our bespoke services, we promote positive risk-taking to encourage engagement with the community, independent choice-making, and self-determination.

    We embrace the outdoors as a mentally and physically stimulating environment for our supported people to be in.

    We ensure that individuals are comfortable in all areas of life through providing robust boundaries and following a consistent and person-centred daily routine.

    We look after our employees in three main ways: we ensure they are extensively trained; we ensure Zeno is transparent and approachable at all levels; and we reward loyalty and hard work. The latter is proven by our track record of promoting internally.