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  • Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

    Before your employment commences ZENO LTD will conduct a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check on your behalf, of which ZENO LTD will meet the expense.

    You will be required to provide three documents to support the application from the following list: DBS Checks

    Bank or other statements should not be printed off the internet.

    All the documents provided need to be current (ie an expired passport cannot be used) and where necessary within the date limits for the type of document.
    If you have a current DBS registered under the Update Service this can be used as long as the original certificate can be produced and there has been no change to the content.

    Although a criminal conviction is not necessarily a bar to obtaining a position, all applicants must declare any cautions or convictions, even if they are considered to be “spent.” Where necessary declarations will be cleared with the Registered Manager before the application is allowed to continue, depending on the nature of the declaration made.

    It is important to note that employees are not permitted to work for ZENO LTD until the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (PoVA) check has completed. The DBS application is submitted on-line and the PoVA check normally completes within a 2 working day period. If the check returns a result of ‘Await Full Certificate’, then the applicant will not be permitted to work with ZENO LTD until the full certificate has been received and viewed by HR/recruitment.

    Once all the checks are completed by the DBS, you will receive your personal copy of the document. Once received this will need to be provided to HR to be inspected and will be returned to you once seen. A separate copy is not received by ZENO LTD so it is important this document is supplied to us once received.