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  • Where our services are located

    Our company Head Office is located in Heaton Mersey, Stockport.

    We have supported living services in the following areas:







    All of our properties are designed to support between one and four supported people. Within the houses, staff teams vary in size from seven up to 13 members of staff. These staffing levels are required in part to provide the extensive support individuals need, but also to ensure the therapeutic activities provided can be accessed at all times. Within the house environment there will always be a Service Manager and a key worker for each supported person, as well as walk leaders and first aiders. Staff members spend their core working hours at the same house every week, which means they can build up relationships with supported people and provide them with much-needed consistency. From time to time, members of staff at one house may be asked to support other houses, and members of staff do move between houses when new opportunities for them arise. In all cases, any changes in members of staff at a house are managed through robust succession planning.

    When a new supported person joins a service we will select a combination of existing staff and new staff to work with them. A new member of staff won’t be made a key worker until they pass their probationary period and we’re confident they can exemplify our ethos and approach.